Women make up half the workforce in America, but of the S&P 500 companies, there are only 29 women at the helm holding CEO positions (that's a whopping 5.8%). In fact, there have been claims that there are more CEOs named 'John' than female CEOs overall. 


In Finance, the numbers are even more stark and we really can't understand why. Since women control 80% of consumer spending and are primarily the household CFO, it's impractical to believe financial products and services can be built to meet their needs without their input. Hence, why we're proud to be a women led financial services company in 2017.

We know our stuff and we're here to help all people sort their financial lives and achieve financial freedom earlier. Being women just gives us an edge in accomplishing this task and we think that's pretty nifty. 

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Shannon McLay - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shannon McLay is the founder and CEO of the Financial Gym.  Shannon graduated cum laude with a degree in Business from Wake Forest University in 2000 and has since worked in financial services for the last 17 years. Her experience is in Institutional Sales, Retail Sales, Hedge Fund Sales and management. She is the author of 'Train Your Way To Financial Fitness' and her own blog Financially Blonde as well as a contributor to AOL, LifeHacker, Huffington Post, US News & World Reports, Budgets Are Sexy, Frugal Rules and others. Shannon hosts the award winning Business and Investing Podcast – Martinis and Your Money – Living a Better Life One Cocktail At a Time and is dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom, which is how the Financial Gym came to be. 

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Bridget Todd - Chief Operating Officer

Bridget Todd is a Level 2 Financial Trainer and Chief Operating Officer. Bridget has an extensive background working in operations for very large hedge funds. In early 2016, she decided that she wanted more from her career rather than just a paycheck; and as a client of The Financial Gym, she determined that helping people with their money was what she wanted to do. Bridget has trained extensively in all areas of financial training including budgeting, credit management, student loans, savings strategies, insurance, short and long term goal planning, and investing principles. Bridget is a graduate of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and lives a financially fit lifestyle in New York City.

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Kim Gudowski - Head of People & Business Development

Kim Gudowski is Head of People and Business Development at the Financial Gym.  She was formerly Assistant Director of Business Development for Ernst & Young LLP, where she drove account development and sales growth for global banking clients. With over 17 years of experience in the retail sector, and concentrated expertise in B2B sales, program operations, staff mentorship and sales plan development for global organizations at the likes of Tiffany & Co., she excels in leveraging her interpersonal skills to build, sustain, and mentor peak performing teams. Her ability to establish best-of-class teams and experiences will benefit not just the Financial Gym, but all partners who leverage our services.