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The Most Common Goals We Help People With

Paying Off Debt


Buying a House


Saving for a Wedding


Paying off debt, especially a sizable amount feels like climbing Mt. Everest. When you look at it everyday, it seems insurmountable. However, with planning and training, you can scale Mt. Everest and with planning and training our clients have paid down hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

All big life goals, like buying a house require cash and sometimes great credit. Our trainers take a multi-prong approach with helping clients not only figure out how much cash they need, how they can earn and save that cash, and also how they can constantly improve their credit so when the time is right to buy the house or property, they're prepared in every way financially.

We have helped dozens of clients not only save for the ring, but also save for the big day and honeymoon afterward all while staying within budget. It’s not always easy and our trainers are frequently the referees between the happily engaged couple, but everyone is always happy in the end when the wedding is paid for with cash and on budget.

We’ve Helped Our Clients Achieve All of This and More!


The #1 Most Sacred Expense Our Clients Never Want to Give Up?

Their Premium Gym Membership!

At the Financial Gym, our tagline is “What are you working for?” We understand that we’re not all working for the same reasons and we don’t expect our clients to conform with society norms and traditional goals. We want our clients to keep their sacred cows, no matter what they are, and not let money stress them out along the way. You will never have to worry about giving up what you love when you work with us, we make sure that what you love is always part of the budget.

Why we are a fresh breath of fresh air as your Financial Partner

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Talk to a Human

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Judgement Free

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No Hidden Agenda

Just like a personal trainer at your gym, your financial trainer gives you expert guidance, cheers you on, and holds you accountable in ways that no app can. You'll be working hard, but you'll never be alone. 

Talking money can be tough. Rest assured, we've seen it all - the good, the bad, and deeply in debt - and nothing phases us. Your trainer will help you overcome your biggest hurdles with confidence. 

We uncover lots of hidden fees in high expense financial products that don’t make sense for our clients. When you work with us, you pay a flat monthly fee, that’s it; and we make sure it’s affordable within your overall budget.

What our Clients are Saying


"I set a really ambitious goal of paying down $20,000 in debt while pursuing my PhD full-time. Through working with my financial trainer, I not only met my goal—I also picked up an extra $1,000 per month in side income."

- Jenn, 31


"Prior to our wedding, Financial Gym helped us combine our finances and save up enough money to pay for the ceremony in cash. On top of that, we’ve saved over $70,000, paid down $20,000 of student loan debt, and have learned how to communicate openly and honestly about money."

- Chris and Amanda, 27


Financial Gym helped me tackle my spending problems and increase my savings. In just one year I paid down $10,000 in credit card debt and my bank and investment accounts grew by $90,000!

Maria, 52

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How it Works

Straight-Forward, Effective, Surprisingly Fun

We take a fitness-inspired approach to your finances, teaching you how to make smarter money decisions that add up over time. It's a lot like joining a gym, minus the fancy equipment, plus a ton of free snacks. Here's what to expect:

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Meet Your Trainer

Time for some real talk. You'll sit down with a Certified Financial Trainer to walk through your goals (Need a budget? Save for a wedding? Paying off debt?) so they can build you a plan just for you. 




Get Your Plan

Success is a numbers game. You'll receive a personalized plan that breaks down your goals into a series of simple, achievable steps.   

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Work it Out

Your trainer will be there to guide you, cheer you on, and hold you accountable as you work through the steps in your plan.

Next stop: financial fitness!


What's the 20 Minute Consult Call All About?

We are all about full disclosure, openness and transparency at the Financial Gym, and before you get started working with us, we want to make sure you know everything about us and we get to know you as well. The core of a successful trainer/client relationship is honesty and communication and it starts with our warm up call. Our warm up call team is not incentivized for you to join, they want to make sure that it’s a good fit for you personally and financially.

What it Costs?

$85 per month* = 90% Success Rate for achieving your financial dreams

On average, our clients save over $600 per month and their credit score improves 40 points in 3 months!

What else could you be spending $85 a month on?




two dinners

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A New Purse


Two workout classes


14 Coffees


new shoes

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*The average FinGym client pays $85 per month. Pricing may vary.

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