Forget about your closet (For now), let's spring clean your finances!

For a limited time, we are offering you a 3 month membership to the Financial Gym for the price of only 2!

Spring Clean Your Finances
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your membership will include financial guidance, goal-setting, and accountability via:

  • A dedicated financial trainer who will walk through the process of becoming financially healthy

  • Three one-on-one meetings to set & prioritize financial goals, walk through the financial plan and analyze progress

  • A personalized financial plan customized to income, spending habits, and short and long term goals

  • Guidance on every aspect of finances - from managing debt to investing to boosting credit scores

  • Unlimited access to Financial Gym locations, classes and trainers during gym hours 

After you purchase:

We’ll reach out to you via email and schedule your first meeting!

Questions? Call us at 646-609-2225 or email


Hear from our clients!

"After joining the gym, I literally feel like I can breathe again. My money stresses are gone." - Chelsea, 28

“I saved $13,000 in my first 3 months as a Financial Gym client, more than I’ve ever saved before!”  - Katie, 36

"I've read every financial book and listened to advice from many well known financial gurus, but there is something about having an actual person to guide you through this journey. The Financial Gym has changed my life.  - Jenn, 31